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To make an impression – how about Prohlis?

Call for cards

Do you know Dresden-Prohlis? It’s not exactly a tourist-area … but, have you ever been there? If not, how do you imagine it? If you did, what do you remember? We are looking for sketches, drawings, fotos as much as words, texts, symbols, stories – all languages are welcome, even fantastic ones! If you send us a postcard until 31th of january, you will be in the show!

Visit „Einsendungen“ to see what we already recieved.

About the project

The art center IDEE 01239 e.V. calls for impressions via postcard. Main focus is the dresden district PROHLIS. This project takes part as a collaboration with Grit Ruhland (concept, artist) and Christine Schiewe (artist), Grit Koalick (architect), Manuela Stein (personal trainer) and Roman Israel (author).

Every-one is invited to take part in this Mail-Art-Action! People from Prohlis and abroad, Artists such as Non-Artists – there is no exclusion, no preferential treatment! All incoming postcards will be exhibited in a show, inside the local super-market „ProhlisZentrum“and can been seen at „Einsendungen“. Special: Visitors of this show are allowed to take the the exhibited copies, complete them and „set them free“ – in Mail-Art-Tradition.

show: february 1st – 5th, 9 am – 8 pm.
opening: january 31th, 4 – 8 pm.
finissage: february 5th 3 – 6 pm.

During january there will be open workshops across various places in the discrict. Christine Schiewe (artist), Grit Koalick (architect), Roman Israel (author), Manuela Stein (personal trainer) und Grit Ruhland (artist) will introduce their artistic and creative approaches in public actions. They will develop images and texts together with all interested people showing up!

So welcome, everyone, to these days:

  • January 13th – ProhlisZentrum, Prohliser Allee 10, 4 – 8 pm
  • January 17th – Bibliothek Prohlis, Gatehouse at Jakob Winter Platz, Prohliser Allee 10, 3 – 6 pm
  • January 18th – Art Center IDEE 01239 e.V., Gamigstr. 26, 5 – 8 pm
  • January 22th – Kebabhaus & Sportcafe, Prohliser Allee 10, 4 – 8 pm
  • January 26th – ProhlisZentrum, Prohliser Allee 10, 3 – 6 pm
  • February 5th – ProhlisZentrum, Finissage with Manuela Stein

About IDEE 01239 e.V.

An Art Center run by residents and artists on the Prohlis Estate;

Public art practice increasingly sees itself as a platform for dialogue within society. Unwilling to wait for the random interaction of a passer-by, some artists are embedding their practice in specifically chosen parts of the community. Collaborations between artists and residents are enabling communities to take part in cultural processes from which they were previously isolated. The art centre IDEE 01239 on the Prohlis highrise estate in Dresden was born of such a collaboration. In 2006, a group of mainly long-term unemployed residents and artists who had met during the „Info Offspring“ public art project „FOR SALE“ on the estate founded the IDEE 01239 initiative. They have been running a program of workshops, films, readings, exhibitions and commissions in a former off licence, including collaborations with unemployed young people, a local school, Dresden’s „Kunsthaus“, the university, F.A.C.T. Liverpool and internationally known guest artists such as Ulf Aminde, Andrea Knobloch and Matthew Houlding.

The residents and artists working at IDEE 01239 see the breaking down of cultural barriers as a democratic responsibility. Although they exercise this form of cultural politics independently, they do find themselves sharing common ground with state programs and their slogans of equality, integration and participation. Perhaps for this reason, IDEE 01239 has benefited from state funding, both local and national, and from invitations as an example of „Best Practice“ to various conferences on town planning.